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The legend has it that when arriving in the area where Pohjola is nowadays located, Olli Pohjalainen started off by building a genuine smoke sauna. After that the bathing traditions have continued and stayed the same for over 300 years and are practised in Pohjola to this day.


Old stories, respecting the environment and our love for traditional Finnish saunas have become the base for our certified sauna experiences!


Our Saunas

We wish to take care of our unique buildings and the active use of them. After many years of not being used our old barn has now been repurposed to serve as the Pohjola Sauna cabin. Nowadays the old building has 3 separate saunas in it that fits 20-25 people at its best. There's also two separate shower- and dressing rooms, an atmospheric fireplace room and upstairs cabinet.

Let our Sauna elf lead you to the traditions of Finnish sauna! Enjoy the gentle warmth of our steam sauna, try out the traditional Finnish sauna or experience the unique timber sauna that warms up with a wood heated sauna stove. When you're not bathing in the saunas you can soak in our outdoors hot tub or cool off at the deck and be mesmerized by the beautiful and unique nature that surrounds Pohjola.


Our Saunas have been awarded with the Sauna from Finland -sertificate


Countryside Sauna Evening

Come with your family and friends to enjoy our saunas and the wood heated outdoor bath tub while being surrounded by the exceptional nature of Kuusamo! Afterwards you’re treated with a traditional wild food dinner in the old farm house.

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Sauna Tour

Private Sauna Tour


Experience our guided Sauna Tour during which you will learn about the history of Finnish sauna traditions and the importance of sauna in our lifestyle.


Private Sauna Experience

Are you and your group in need of a tailored sauna experience? Contact us and lets design a special service for your needs!

Do you have questions about our Sauna services, other services or combining services with each other?

You're welcome to contact us with your questions at 


For us Finns, Sauna is a sacred place

Sauna from Finland
Our saunas have been acknowledged with Sauna from Finland -certificate!
The saunas that receive the certificate are top quality sauna experiences which are built around the customers and allow them to enjoy the authentic, high quality, comprehensive and memorable sauna experiences.
We wish to offer you an unforgettable moment with our one of a kind sauna facilities and services. Your only job is to relax and enjoy the experience!
UNESCO World Heritage
Finnish sauna tradition was added to the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in 17.12.2020!
This is a valuable acknowledgement especially for Finland but also important to us here at Pohjolan Pirtti. By adding finnish sauna into the list we take care of the continuity of finnish sauna traditions, enhance the vitality of our sauna culture and emphasize its significance in our lives. All of the above also represent our values here at Pohjola!
Traditional Sauna Bathing
Our sauna elf has spent the past year getting formal training for the traditional Finnish sauna bathing and is soon ready to offer these services for our customers!
Until the training is complete you are welcome to contact us about our other special sauna experiences. Alongside with our ready-made sauna services we offer for example customized bridal saunas or we can create a complete package for you combining sauna with our other services!
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