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Pohjolan Pirtti

Winter at Pohjola!

Come visit us at Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari with your family and friends and enjoy our authentic Finnish experiences 
Outdoor Activities, baking, visiting Santa's cottage, unforgettable sauna experiences: You decide!

Pohjolan Kievari

Welcome to Pohjolan

Pirtti & Kievari

"We have sauna, nature and peace,

Finnish traditions and countryside.

Come enjoy and feel at ease,

It’s the place to put all worries aside"


Wishing you welcome 

the family Pohjola

Located in the village of Vuotunki, half an hour away from Ruka and Kuusamo, you can find the historic country estate of Pohjola. The first stories from Pohjola date back to 1686 when our ancestors settled in Vuotunki amongst the first pilgrims who arrived to the village.


Nowadays owned by the 11th generation of the family, Pohjola is offering unforgettable and authentic Finnish experiences for its visitors. We are proud of our historical buildings, cultural heritage and the pure nature surrounding us and are committed to preserving them so that our guests can enjoy them as well. We welcome you to experience the traditions of Finnish sauna, visit Santa Claus at his cottage or perhaps spend a day as a Finn.




Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Dinners in Pohjolan Kievari

This Christmas we are happy to set up our traditional countryside Christmas buffet on the 24th and 25th of December, consisting of homemade traditional Finnish Christmas specialities, including a visit by Santa Claus.


Countryside Sauna evening


Come with your family and friends to enjoy our saunas and the wood heated outdoor bath tub while being surrounded by the exceptional nature of Kuusamo! Afterwards you’re treated with a traditional wild food dinner in the old farm house. Winter availability on Tuesdays and Fridays; summer availability on Tuesdays!

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Day as a Finn


Welcome to our countryside family estate to experience the traditions of the Finnish lifestyle on Wednesdays. Baking traditional pastries, stories of the old times and enjoying delicious wild food


Private Sauna Tour


Experience our guided Sauna Tour during which you will learn about the history of Finnish sauna traditions and the importance of sauna in our lifestyle.

Pohjolan Pirtti restaurant K1.jpg

Wild Food Dinner

Arrive at Pohjolan Pirtti with your friends and family, and enjoy the authentic flavors of local wild food!

Available during winter season on Tuesday and Friday evenings and available during summer season on Tuesdays.

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We at Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari are committed to take care of our surrounding nature and have built our actions and services to support this. We prefer local produce, avoid using disposable items and try our best to use the resources we already have rather than using new ones.


Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari has been acknowledged with the Green Key -certificate



Preserving our cultural heritage, the unique buildings and the environment of Pohjola is one of our core values.


We cherish our historically remarkable buildings and heritage and want to make sure they are actively and responsibly used in our services. It’s important to us being able to share authentic stories and experiences with our visitors


In our services we wish to use the local produce and the expertise of our local people as much as possible.


This is to actively fulfill our promise of being environmentally friendly as well as to support the local businesses and help preserve the area. By doing this we also ensure that we can always offer our customers the pure and high quality food and services we believe they deserve.

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