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Vuotunki Kataja wood by Kriss 280917 (14


Pohjolan Pirtti & Kievari has been acknowledged with the Green Key and Sustainable Travel Finland -certificates.


This means we are committed to save on our resources like water and electricity, try to minimize the amount of waste we produce, recycle, use and serve more natural and local ingredients, take care of our surrounding nature and being altogether more environmentally friendly in our actions.


As we grow and develop as a business we will make sure to make our actions continuously more environmentally friendly and are also encouraging our collaborating partners to do the same.


Environmentally friendly

We do our best to keep our actions energy efficient, make sure we save our pure water resources and to recycle and handle our waste responsibly. We are committed to make sure that as our business grows and develops, we also keep improving our practices when it comes to sustainable development.


We also do our part to encourage and make sure our collaborating partners follow the same values as us: Taking care of and preserving our surrounding environment and the unique nature of Kuusamo!


Cultural Heritage

Vuotunki is one of the oldest villages in the area of Kuusamo and it being one of rare ones to survive the war we want to protect it at all cost. It’s not like places like this could be found anywhere in the world! Our values are strongly led by our willingness to preserve the culture, the buildings and the otherwise unique environment for our future generations.


Quality Food Locally

Our food ideology is mostly build around local- and wild food. We prefer using local and finnish ingredients as much as possible. We want to know where the food we serve comes from and who has produced, caught or picked it. This way we know we are always serving our customers the very best ingredients. We are also happy to tell our customers the background behind our dishes.


We are also committed to increasing the amount of high quality vegetarian and vegan food on our food options!

Vuotunki Baking by Kriss 081017 (129 of

Food Loss

Our goal is to keep the food losses as close to zero as possible. We try to keep the amount of food, so that it’s plenty for the expected number of customers, but not too much so that we have to throw food away. The excess food we end up with is being used to feed our employees. It’s important to us that none of the valuable local and pure ingredients (or any other food) go to waste!

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