Pohjolan kievari


Located just across the field from Pohjolan Pirtti is Pohjolan Kievari, the old village school. Pohjolan Kievari serves as a restaurant and a venue for parties and events around the year. The story of this old building begins in 1907. At that time the land of Pohjola estate was divided between 5 brothers, one of which built a home on this specific property in 1912. Later on, 2 sons of this man started big renovations on the building. But as they run out of money to finish the upgrade the building and the land had to be sold to the town of Kuusamo.

While owned by the town, Pohjolan Kievari has seen many different phases: it has served as the village school in the 1930s and as an air surveillance base during the second world war. After surviving the turmoil of the war, the old school once again opened its doors to pupils returning to their home village.

After being unused for many years, the old house was brought back to life in the spring of 2018. After extensive renovation, the old school has yet again been brought back to its former glory. Two main log-walled rooms fit a total of 80-100 guests at once. Pohjolan Kievari is an excellent venue for romantic countryside weddings, unforgettable family celebrations, as well as extraordinary Arctic Garden Parties in the middle of the winter!

Pohjolan Kievari hosts events all year round, but we are open by booking only.

Pohjolan pirtti

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